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I’m Conny Wenk, a lifestyle photographer who specialises in portraits, commercial, kids, love, happy smiles and lots of belly laughs.


I’m also the author of nine books and twelve calendars featuring kids and families with down syndrome which you’ll find on my other websiteHope to see you there, too!


Thank you so much for stopping by here! I hope you will leave this place happier than you came.





Follow along as I blog about my photography, the incredible people I get to meet, and my own life.
  • Last week we had been travelling to Hong Kong and I still can’t believe that I had the chance of meeting this beautiful ...

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    Two weeks ago my good friend Tina sent me a text message asking a bit worried: „Conny, what is happening with your blog?...

  • Happiest Birthday to one of the most inspiring women I know. Heike and I have been knowing each other for over 30 years ...

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Spreading love and positivity one person at a time.
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